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Burcu & Burak are Industrial Engineers in origin with important experience in the field of Process Re-Engineering, Re-design and Re-organizations.
Burcu has graduated from Austrian College in Istanbul, and then she got her degree at Galatasaray University – A French University in Istanbul. Burcu have been working in the Telecommunication Sector for 15 years with responsibility of Business Development, Process Management (Design, Improvement, KPI follow-up, Re-Design), Product Marketing and Pricing Strategies. She has also degree at Executive MBA Program mainly on Strategic Planning & Marketing.
Burak has also his degree at Galatasaray University in Istanbul. He began his career in Telecommunication, mainly focusing on process management and improvement. He has been awarded PMP and a Six Sigma Black Belt as he was working in Telecommunication Sector. Afterwards, he decided to do his own business. He has been giving Management Consultancy Service to Telecommunication and Finance Sector about Process Improvement and Process Re-design.
About Us


New Product Development

We are your strategic partner while you are growing your product portfolio.

If you have a valuable brand and if you want to expand your current portfolio in ordert o increase your share of wallet, you are at the right place. With our industry experts, we can help you to develop new product ideas for different product lines, such as tea, tea accessoiries, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, healthy snacks etc.


Here is our new product development approach:

1. Defining our customer’s need with all necessary aspects

2. Development of new product range

3. Test and Refinement of the new product line

4. Presentation and test of the new products with the customer

5. Manufacturing & Delivery

Marketing & Product Management

As a mid-size enterprise, it is sometimes hard to establish an organization with experts on each and every important function; one team for Strategic Planning, one team for Business Development, one team for Product Marketing, etc.

If you are lucky you would find an expert who is a real generalist and able to do everything for you without increasing the headcount too much. To be honest, to find this proper team member is not always easy.

We help you as one of your team members to plan your future, to position your products strategically, and penetrate into the market.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Product Positioning
  • Business Modeling
  • Market penetration strategies
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Distribution Channel Development

Business Process Development & Re-engineering

For many of us, defining the business processes is sometimes an extra work, which led us loose money. Because we are the owners of our own functions and why to bother to write down on documents?

This is the most common approach a Business Process Expert faces during launching a business process re-engineering project.

Actually to document all the company processes help us to have an overview of the big picture and to see the interaction points between functions. Sometimes two departments make the same work, without knowing about each other. That is why analyzing as is processes and defining the improvement areas may be more than effective for you.

  • Business Process Development/Re-engineering
  • 6 Sigma Technics & Process Re-engineering
  • Corporate Life Cycle Management for SMEs
  • Performance Management System & Business Processes Integration

Management Consultancy for International Investors

Hansadelmar is providing support tot he investors who wants to invest in Germany and establish a company. The Services provided are as follows;

  • Follow-up and Management of the whole Company Establishment Process
  • Relationship Management with Tax Advisor and Lawyer
  • Arrangement oft he company’e new premises
  • Process Design and Organizational Structure Development
  • Sourcing oft he necessary team
  • Delivery of the turn-key company operation to the investor.

HR Consultancy

As Hansadelmar Handelskontor we are the Owner of Antal International Hamburg Office. We are providing all our Executive Search Service under Antal Brand. Just a short ovierview of Antal International is a follows. We are experts in the global search and selection industry.


We work with professional and managerial talent worldwide. Every day, we help businesses all around the world to find the talent that they need in order to drive their growth, profits and long-term success.

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