Our main expertise area is beverages and healthy snacks, we can define your need and develop for you private label products.

Tea Varieties

We produce different tea blends according to your need with EU Standards. Our Tea experts help you to find the best mix of your choice.

Tea Extracts

We help you to enhance your tea taste with our natural tea extracts. You can reach the color and taste you dream with our wide range of extracts. We also assist you during your R&D process, to find the best way to use our extracts during your production process.

Coffe Products

We produce wide variety of coffee products such as, beans with different roast levels, intants coffee sorts, etc. We also have different packaging options.

Ice Tea Series

We produce instant ice tea series according to your needs. They can be hot or cold soluble. We have many different flavors which make your ice tea mixes irresistable.

Matcha Series

We have a wide range instant Matcha Serie, the Matcha Serie is cold and hot soluble. Again with our natural flavours, you will have a totally different Matcha experience.

Tea Accessoiries

We can provide you any kind of tea accesoirires; tea filters, samovars, tea pots, tea cups, etc.

Healthy Snacks

Our snacks are  natural, vegan, without gluten, without extra sugar, without GDO, without conservatives. They are all natural, made from fruit pastes and different nuts.

Herbal&Fruit Extracts

With our wide range of herbal & fruit extracts for industrial production purposes, it is now easy to develop your product portfolio with different, natural flavors and colors such as Hibiscus, Beetroot, Black Carrot and many more alternatives.