Who We Are?

Burcu & Burak are Industrial Engineers in origin with important experience in the field of Process Re-Engineering, Re-design and Re-organizations.
Burcu has graduated from Austrian College in Istanbul, and then she got her degree at Galatasaray University – A French University in Istanbul. Burcu have been working in the Telecommunication Sector for 15 years with responsibility of Business Development, Process Management (Design, Improvement, KPI follow-up, Re-Design), Product Marketing and Pricing Strategies. She has also degree at Executive MBA Program mainly on Strategic Planning & Marketing.
Burak has also his degree at Galatasaray University in Istanbul. He began his career in Telecommunication, mainly focusing on process management and improvement. He has been awarded PMP and a Six Sigma Black Belt as he was working in Telecommunication Sector. Afterwards, he decided to do his own business. He has been giving Management Consultancy Service to Telecommunication and Finance Sector about Process Improvement and Process Re-design.
Burcu & Burak have been working together since 2015.
Their strongest field is high quality, senior IT Professionals. They have an important, high calibre candidate database for IT.
Their ability to understand the customers’ process management approach and their re-organization needs as two Industrial Engineers will differentiate the experience for the customers during the consultancy and recruitment projects